Style No. 2700 - Chemsplash Jet Spray Cape Hood Type PB (3-B)

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Chemsplash Jet Spray Cape Hood Type PB (3-B) - Style No. 2700

  • 90GSM Chemsplash Jet Spray Fabric
  • Type PB (3-B) Partial Body Protection
  • Low-Linting
  • Elasticated Facial Area
  • Cape Style Fit
Description: Chemsplash Jet Spray Type PB(3-B) Cape Hood is highly resistant against Chemical permeation offering high levels of protection against even the most corrosive of chemicals. Made from a thick 90gsm heavy weight Polypropylene/Polyethylene multilayer laminated material, This cape hood is elasticated at the face and covers the hair, neck and top of the shoulders and is lint free. Chemsplash accessories can be used to protect the wearer from contaminants in the environment or to protect the environment/production from body shedding particles or hair from the wearer. The range has been designed to allow for maximum comfort and wearability

Safety Standard: EN14605: Type PB (3-B), EN14126: Infective Agents, CAT III: Partial Body Protection

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