Style No. 2741 - Chemsplash Jet Spray KnitWrist Oversleeve Type PB (3-B)

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Chemsplash Jet Spray KnitWrist Oversleeve Type PB (3-B) - Style No. 2741

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  • 90GSM Chemsplash Jet Spray Fabric
  • Type PB (3-B) Partial Body Protection
  • Anti-Static Material
  • Low-Linting
  • Knitted Cuff
Description: Chemsplash Jet Spray Knit Wrist Oversleeve Type PB(3-B) is highly resistant against Chemical permeation offering high levels of protection against even the most corrosive of chemicals. Made from a thick 90gsm heavy weight Polypropylene/Polyethylene multilayer laminated material.Chemsplash accessories can be used to protect the wearer from contaminants in the environment or to protect the environment/production from body shedding particles or hair from the wearer. The range has been designed to allow for maximum comfort and wearability

Safety Standard: EN14605: Type PB (3-B), EN14126: Infective Agents, EN1149 -5: Anti-Static, CAT III: Partial Body Protection

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Stock Unit: Pair
Number of Units In Inner Case 1
Number of Units In Outer Case 200