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    Style No. 2558 - Chemsplash Cape Hood Type 5B&6B PB
    The Chemsplash Cape Hood is made from Chemsplash fabric which is soft and microporous. It is strong and resistant to chemical splash and dust. This cape hood is elasticated at the face and covers the hair, neck and top of the shoulders. It is anti-static to meet with EN1149-5:2008, lint free and sui..
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    Style No. 2700 - Chemsplash Jet Spray Cape Hood Type 3B/4B 5B/6B PB
    The Chemsplash Jet Spray Type 3B/4B 5B/6B PB Cape Hood is highly resistant against Chemical permeation offering high levels of protection against even the most corrosive of chemicals. Made from a thick 90gsm heavy weight Polypropylene/Polyethylene multilayer laminated material, This cape hood is ela..
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    Style No. 2505 - Disposable Non Woven Beard Mask
    Disposable Non-Woven Beard Mask is a non woven material that comes in a one size fits all. An elasticated strap secures fit to the face...
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    Style No. 2516 - Double Stitched Mop Cap
    The Double Stitched Mop Cap is a 10gram blue non woven polypropylene breathable material, which is elasticated at the rim for ease of fit to your head. Double stitched for extra strength, and 21" in size. Suitable for all industries requiring disposable head covering..
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    Style No. 6323 - Tyvek Beret Type 5B/6B PB
    Tyvek Mop Cap style Beret. Made from Dupont Tyvek 1422A fabric, Cat III Type 5B & 6B. Anti-Static to EN1149-5:2008 and Non Linting. 200 per case...
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    Style No. 2559 - Tyvek Cape Hood Type 5B&6B PB
    Tyvek Type 5/6 Cape Hood is an additional head protection cover that comes down to the shoulders. The cape hood is elasticated at the face for a secure fit, and sits comfortably round the neck and covers the tops of the shoulders..